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What’s the Best Music for Vaping?

One of the most common questions people ask about vaping or the e-juice brand lifestyle involves music. You would think that they would talk about the kind of device people would use for vaping. You would think that they would talk about e-juice formulation or even the accessories people use to store their vaping materials and paraphernalia. Well, no such luck.

One of the most common questions people ask when vaping or they’re about to do it or questions they ask about their friends who are into the e-liquid scene involves music. In a way, it’s very easy to understand. It’s actually not much different from any other kind of product people inhale.

For example, when people smoke marijuana, one of the most common questions people ask is, “What do you listen to when you’re smoking pot?” Of course, in that scene, it’s fairly easy to zero in on stereotypes.

There are really only two choices. Either they’re listening to some sort of rock like heavy metal, death metal or grindcore. The other alternative, of course, is just as predictable. I am, of course, talking about reggae.

When people think of smoking weed, they almost always think about some dude in dreadlocks, smoking a big fat one. These images are so familiar that a lot of people basically suffer from mental laziness and they think that if you’re smoking some sort of substance, that there has to be some sort of music related to that.

This kind of begs the question of, “Should there be some sort of music?” This doesn’t necessarily follow because a lot of doctors vape. A lot of lawyers, big business leaders, movers and shakers, even politicians use e-liquids. Nobody’s asking them about their favorite music. Well, old habits are hard to break.

Let’s get real. For the longest time, the same social critics and social observers who talk about drug use and the whole drug lifestyle carry over the same template to any other kind of substance use even though it’s perfectly legal. Last time I checked, e-juice is completely legal in most jurisdictions in the United States. The same applies to e-liquids in Western Europe.

Still this question gets asked around so much and so often that we feel we have to answer it. The answer really boils down to what your friends are into. Because you have to understand that vaping alone is very different from vaping in groups.

When you’re in a group, there has to be some sort of consensus. Otherwise, people might get annoyed or they might rub each other the wrong way. In fact, this might lead to fist fights or some sort of commotion.

There has to be some sort of consensus. And even though we’re dealing with group interactions here, there’s still no broad, easy to predict musical patterns. Because different groups of people prefer different things. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come to this conclusion.

Usually, when people are in groups, they tend to focus on the lowest common denominator. So what kind of music do most people like? It would really boil down to generic rock, if that.

So do yourself a big favor, when you’re vaping and you’re looking to music, give your buddies the courtesy of asking them. This can go a long way in making sure that the experience would be positive for everyone involved.



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