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The Terrace Bay Resort

One of the biggest resorts in that part of Michigan State, of course, is the Terrace Bay Resort. Make no mistake about it if you are looking to travel to a part of the United States that is off the beaten track, you can’t do any better than the Michigan coastline.

It’s easy to get excited about Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. You probably have gone to South Beach in Miami. You most likely have also toured certain parts of the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles and, of course, let’s not forget, the Big Apple. Chicago is not too shabby either.

However, the problem with these tourist locations is precisely that. They are tourist spots. As you probably already know, there’s a big difference between being a tourist and a traveler. A tourist is simply just looking to go to a certain place because that’s where he or she is supposed to be. It’s like going to some sort of postcard. The idea is since a lot of people find value or are attracted to a particular place, then there must be something going on. As the old saying goes where there is smoke, there is fire, right?

Well, it gets old really quickly. For example, if you’ve gone to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and you’ve seen the stars on the sidewalk, it gets really old. One dead celebrity after the other gets quite tiresome. After a while, you get it and you don’t want anymore. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Okay I’ve walked several blocks. I get it. I don’t wanna see anymore.” The same applies pretty much to the Empire State Building, Central Park in New York, Golden State Park or the Cathedral in San Francisco, you name it.

The Experience

The problem is the tourist experience is really different from the experience of a real, honest traveler. A traveler looks to see a different place because they travel outside of themselves. They leave their old role. They leave their old self behind and they’re looking to see the world with a fresh set of eyes.

It is not a surprise that a lot of the great literature existing in this world came about when the authors went on long trips. Believe me these authors did not lug around cameras just like your typical traveler. Instead, they just took along their notebook.

Changed People

However, regardless of how they did it, they came back changed people. Think of Charles Darwin checking the Galapagos Islands. When he came back, he was a changed person because when he published his notes, those notes changed the world.

Well, your trip to the Terrace Bay Resort and the Michigan coastline may not be all that dramatic but, believe me, as far as your life is concerned, don’t be too surprised if things turn around. Don’t be too shocked when you start looking at the world from a completely different perspective. This is the essence of real travel. It’s all about recharging your batteries on so many levels. Human beings, after all are an amalgamation or an aggregation of different things. We are our mindset, attitude, perspective, experience, ability to connect, social interaction, IQ, emotional intelligence and so on and so forth.

To think that when you go to one tourist spot after another to take some snapshots, you take a few selfies, that you have essentially traveled, it really does a big disservice to the concept of traveling because when you travel, you go with no preconceptions. You’re not there to consume. Instead, you become part of the scene. It involves some sort of two-way interaction between what you’re observing and your attitude as to what you’re about to experience. This is the essence of real travel, and it can be quite transformative.

Now, I don’t pretend to know what kind of work you do. However, I am willing to bet that it takes some sort of mental processing or at least some sort of physical attention, but it’s very easy for you to get thrown off-center. It’s very easy for you to feel burned out at certain times of the year. If this is the case, the reason I’m able to guess accurately is because this pretty much applies across the board.

In this context, traveling makes all the sense in the world because you are able to recharge in so many levels. You’re able to get a new perspective. You’re able to see things that you normally do not see before. You’re able to connect the dots not just in terms of what you perceive but also in terms of what you feel, your intuition, your imagination, your creative resources. All these come together, and all it takes is to observe and be in a certain place in the moment.

American Experience

I’m telling you the modern American experience really is a very confusing and fragmentary one. We put a tremendous amount of stress on ourselves. Our perception is fragmented in a lot of points, and it’s no surprise that Americans are overworked, overstressed and overmedicated.

The Medications

Going on several decades now, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications have consistently ranked near the top of the most prescribed and used pharmaceutical products in the United States. This is not an empty statistic. This is not some data point that is floating in the air. It says volumes about what it’s like to live in modern America. It is an indictment of the kind of life we have chosen for ourselves.

It's Awesome

Wouldn’t it be great to take a break from all of that? Wouldn’t it be awesome to engage in some sort of activity that can free you at some level or other so you don’t have to freak yourself out? You don’t have to worry about stuff that you can’t afford. You don’t have to obsess about a future that has yet to come to pass. Similarly, you don’t have to beat yourself up about mistakes from a past you can never revisit.

Go Travel!

I invite you to really travel. Go to the Michigan coastline. Get rid of your preconceptions, and I guarantee you when you come back, you’re going to be a changed person, and I’m talking about a change for the better.


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