About Terrace Bay

The great thing about the Terrace Bay Resort is the fact that it’s an afterthought.


You might be thinking to yourself that this is one hell of an underhanded compliment if it’s a compliment at all. You might even be scratching your head. You might be confused as to why somebody would say that regarding a resort.

Well, it’s an afterthought because when it was first built, the people behind it didn’t really intend to build it as a resort. Instead, they just wanted to put up a building so they can stay at a fairly warm and dry place as they explore the Michigan coastline. The real hero here is the coastline itself and its ability to transport you away from your problems, concerns, worries and pre-existing duties, obligations and responsibilities. In a way, it’s kind of a great place to re-center your life as you go off the beaten path.

Make no mistake about it if you are traveling through the Michigan coastline, you are not engaged in the typical tourist activity. There are no tourist traps here. There are no tourist attractions. There’s none of that.

Instead you get a tremendous opportunity to reconnect the dots of your life. If you are a very introspective person, this is the place to be because nobody’s going to bother you. Instead, you’re going to just look at the coastline, you’re going to see the interaction between the boundless sky and the infinite possibilities it represents and the ocean and the deep mysteries that it holds. You see all these connections that Mother Nature shows you to your face moment by moment and you can’t help but be taken in by how this resonates with certain deep truths you have.

I don’t want to sound overly mystical. I definitely don’t want to give any intimations that this is some sort of religious exposition or essay, but you can’t help but go there. You really can’t because humanity or the human experience and condition, as we are aware of it, is partly spiritual. You may not be a particularly religious person. You may not have a particular liking to some sort of sect or not. You can be a completely secular person, but you can still have a spiritual side.

Typical American

The spiritual aspect of humanity is something that has been overlooked, denied, marginalized and somehow restricted. In fact, when you talk to the typical American, they feel that their spiritual side is something that they have to apologize for. This really is too because if you’re really honest about the spiritual aspect of your being, it really goes down to the level of being in the moment.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where news travels in a twenty-four hour cycle. We live in a world populated by social media images that seem to move at a rate of a hundred frames per second. It’s all about bigger, better, faster, quicker. This applies across the board, and I’m not just talking about things that you perceive. I’m also talking about your relationships. It’s no surprise that divorces are rampant in the United States, and the life cycle of a typical marriage gets shorter and shorter.

It’s as if our short attention span as far as the things that truly matter in life knows no bounds. We can’t sit still long enough for a class. We can still long enough to read an article or even open a newspaper. We definitely let all of these impatience and short-attention-span issues and carry over to things they shouldn’t touch on like our marriages, our friendships, our loyalties.

This is the kind of reality that great resorts really help you get a bead on. Now, I’m not necessarily saying that you when you go to Terrace Bay resort along the Michigan coastline that somehow, some way all your problems will disappear. Nobody can make that claim, and I’m not making that claim.

Instead, I’m saying that maybe what you need is some sort of spiritual battery recharge. Maybe it’s a simple matter of just allowing yourself to be in the moment and a particular time and space that you would be able to connect the dots. Perhaps you have been running away from these certain issues in the past. Possibly, you felt that you just didn’t have the time.

Well, this is the time. Give yourself that opportunity. Great travel is really all about taking the opportunity to live in the moment. Train your focus to be in the moment. You’d be surprised as to the kind of personal revelations you will stumble upon.

It is no surprise that a lot of philosophers, writers and intellectuals were able to come up with their best work in perfect silence in the wide open space. The Terrace Bay Resort can definitely help you do that.